Raise Your Energy

Raise Your Energy

OM Namah Shivaya dear all, get deep insights into the Energizing OM Meditation & its Benefits for your Well-Being, Mind, Soul & Health. It is part of the five-elemental Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation method.

☀️ enhances your energy

☀️ balances the water element in your body and is useful for dry mouth, dry eyes and challenges related to kidney and bladder

☀️ increases concentration

☀️ grounding and at the same time opening up towards the cosmos

☀️ gives mind clarity and enhances the awareness

☀️ opens up your heart

☀️ strengthens your intuitive power

☀️ improves your communication abilities

☀️ opens up all higher energy centers, especially from the heart towards the crown chakra on top of the head


this Shiva Shakti Energy Painting represents Eternal Love, Shiva & Shakti, which Shiva Guruji says represent the divine feminine and divine masculine principles of existence, yin & yang.

When we reach an inner state of Oneness, Shiva Shakti become One in us: the kundalini energy rises and joins symbolically Shiva at the top of our head, the crown chakra. This is the state of Enlightenment, Oneness, total unity, as Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar elucidates.

www.shivaguruji.org; www.shivagurujishivani.org; www.gurujiaruneshvar.com; www.spiritualismshivaguruji.com; www.shivaniswiss.org; shivanihimalaya@gmail.com


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