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Art meets Spirituality: Article published in the Swiss “YOGA Das Magazin” Oct 2016

Translation from German into English
Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar blends the two loves of his life, the art & Shiva in his paintings and translates with his creativity & spirituality his visions and soul experiences into artistic creation.

During more than two decades Shiva Guruji has exhibited his artwork worldwide and deciphered the language of his soul. Shiva Guruji’s style is unique and the form of expression of love is wild, which can be seen in his creation. The spiritual artwork with its lines, forms, words, substance and colors are translated into a creation, in which there is a soul and a spiritual life.

From 1st to 30th of October his artwork is exhibited under the title “Art meets Spirituality” in the art gallery Keller in Zurich. Moreover, there are Shiva Dhyan Yoga Workshops with Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar & the Shiva Dhyan Yoga Teacher Shivani Himalaya (Katrin Suter).

The Soul Is Consciousness

Consciousness is the Soul, the Atman. The Soul is Consciousness. We all have a consciousness. Atman, the soul, it is, which is your own. Your breath, it is prana, the life force, it is the Soul itself. All of what which you claim as yours, your friends, loved ones, family, wealth, fame, high position, it is all other than the Self. Unleash this inner magic of the soul.

One day, death will snatch everything away from us. Know that others do not belong to you. Your Breath is your Self, it is the inner magnificence. Atman means, one’s own. Except your own Self, there is no one who can be yours. The Soul is a Dancer & the Soul is Consciousness! Realize your Self and give up any idea that the other belongs to you. Be awakened – you could have attained liberation. Know that all are you & the entire universe is yours in Oneness. Only the Self, nothing else belongs to you in reality. It is a freedom from the “other”. Becoming aware of the fact that essentially only your Self is your ow…

Shiva Guruji about Shiva Dhyan Yoga, the powerful tool for focus & Self-realization


The Self

Om Namah Shivaya
The Self
Shiva Guruji gifts the universal knowledge of Himalaya Sat Chit Ananda – I am the Truth, Consciousness & Bliss.  Shivoham  - I am SHIVA, Synergy Harmony In Vast Awareness. The primary focus of Shiva Dhyan Yoga and spiritual knowledge is to reply to the question “Who am I”. It is about the Self, your inner being, the core of your existence. Due to illusion, it appears that I exist as in individual in this universe.  Everything else is other than me. Through Shiva Dhyan Yoga you become aware of your true inner self and you realize that everything is One. It is a state of Oneness, of the higher consciousness. Who I am? What is my life purpose? We lead our life based on the underlying thought of who we are and that is why it is so important to realize who we really are, our true, inner self.

Throughout our life, we are continuously engaged in action to gain, acquire or achieve something. When seeking an object, it is for the purpose to get something else. Continuing …