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CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATION IT IS AN EXPERIENCE: CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATION gifted by the Enlightened Master   Shiva Guruji   & Shivani Himalaya. Learn this powerful Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation, witnessing your breath, going beyond your thoughts, into a higher state of consciousness.   C gifted by the Enlightened Master a Dhyan Yoga, this powerful breath meditation method from Himalaya to the world to awaken your consciousness & reconnect you with your true, inner self. EXPERIENCE IT! ; ; ; ; ;

Raise Your Energy

Raise Your Energy OM Namah Shivaya dear all, get deep insights into the Energizing OM Meditation & its Benefits for your Well-Being, Mind, Soul & Health. It is part of the five-elemental Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation method. ☀️ enhances your energy ☀️ balances the water element in your body and is useful for dry mouth, dry eyes and challenges related to kidney and bladder ☀️ increases concentration ☀️ grounding and at the same time opening up towards the cosmos ☀️ gives mind clarity and enhances the awareness ☀️ opens up your heart ☀️ strengthens your intuitive power ☀️ improves your communication abilities ☀️ opens up all higher energy centers, especially from the heart towards the crown chakra on top of the head this Shiva Shakti Energy Painting represents Eternal Love, Shiva & Shakti, which Shiva Guruji says represent the divine feminine and divine mascu